Todabashi Fireworks 2019

Todabashi Fireworks 2019
Todabashi Fireworks 2019

The Todabashi Fireworks Festival will be held on August 3. On the other side of Arakawa river, the Itabashi Fireworks Festival will also be held at the same time! In August, Toda-koen becomes the spot of a fantastic fireworks display.

Todabashi Fireworks 2019


August.3.2019 19:00~20:30


Arakawa riverside

How to get from Tokyo to Toda-koen

Both Tokyo and Toda-koen are laced with JR train lines.

StationRide timeFare
Tokyo30min310 yen
Ueno25min310 yen

*Please change trains to the Saikyo line at Akabane station.

StationRide timeFare
Shibuya30min310 yen
Shinjyuku25min310 yen
Ikebukuro20min220 yen

*You can go straight to Toda-koen station without getting off from these stations.



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