Access to Toda-Koen

Access to Toda-Koen

Toda city is Tokyo’s neighbor to the north and famous for its fireworks,boat race and cherry blossoms.Toda-Koen is lies in the south side of Toda city.If you say “Toda-Koen”,it refers to vicinity surrounding Toda-Koen station.

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From Tokyo Station

From Tokyo Station

Travel Tips


Toda Koen Ekimae Koban
4-11-17 honcho Toda-shi

Post Office

Toda Koen Ekimae Post Office
4-11-8 honcho Toda-shi


Toda Central General Hospital
1-19-3 honcho Toda-shi

Toda-Koen Tips


  1. Toda City official site
  2. East Japan Railway Company
  3. Beans Toda Koen

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